New! NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) API

New! NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) API

Want to automate submitting genetic test-related information to the NIH Genetic Testing Registry? Now you can! In September 2022, GTR released a submission API that supports fully automated submission of test data to GTR. The new API is one more way, in addition to the Submission Portal wizard and bulk submission using a spreadsheet template, to submit test data to GTR.

Why an API?

An API will allow you to programmatically generate and deposit your latest information into GTR, especially for a large volume of genetic tests. Our customers rely on your up-to-date information to make accurate decisions for their patients. The API creates a one-time setup, multiple-time reuse pathway for timely updates.

How to get started

To start the new submission process:

  1. If you haven’t already, register your lab with GTR
  2. Request an API service account from the GTR staff
  3. Once we’ve established your service account, create an API key

Get started by using testing mode before submitting to production. Data submission and the status response are in JSON data exchange format.

Access our help documentation to learn more about the submission and response schemas. You will also find other helpful information to guide you, such as sample submission files and a sample submission script.

You can use the API to submit both human genetic and microbial clinical tests, as well as to update clinical tests you have previously submitted to GTR using the Submission Portal wizard or spreadsheet. However, you cannot update tests that you submit using the API with the Submission Portal wizard or spreadsheet.

There is a new section on a laboratory’s home page in Submission Portal –> ‘API Submissions’ where you can track your API submissions.

Let us know what you think!

Feel free to reach out to the GTR staff for help with submissions, to provide feedback, or to ask questions.

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