New version of PGAP now available!

New version of PGAP now available!

We are happy to announce a new version of the stand-alone Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (PGAP). This version helps you interpret your results by providing an estimate of the completeness and contamination of your PGAP-annotated genome assembly using CheckM.

CheckM uses the presence of a set of lineage-specific genes for the species provided  or the species returned by the taxonomy check (–taxcheck, –auto-correct-tax). The higher the completeness and the lower the contamination, the better the assembly is! If contamination is a concern, please try FCS-GX, a highly sensitive tool for detecting foreign contaminants in prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome assemblies.

This new release also contains code changes that improve prediction of some long genes, especially in low complexity regions. And, as with every release, PGAP incorporates incremental improvements from expert curators of the Protein Family Model collection that increase the precision of PGAP’s structural and functional annotation.

Please try this new version and share your experience with us!


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