New wizard for submitting mRNA sequences to GenBank

New wizard for submitting mRNA sequences to GenBank

Do you submit eukaryotic nuclear mRNA sequences to GenBank? A new mRNA submission wizard is available! Built on the modern Submission Portal framework, this new wizard will bring you an enhanced experience, including:  

    • Guided submission experience specific for mRNA sequences 
    • Automated trimming of vector and removal of short sequences  
    • Easier input for source metadata 
    • New feature annotation web forms for coding region (CDS) and untranslated region (5’ UTR, 3’ UTR)  
    • Extensive feature previews (Figure 1) 
    • Faster sequence processing and accession assignment  
    • Access to a fix error workflow prior to accession assignment 

Watch a short video (4 min) to see how to annotate CDS features in this new wizard! 

Figure 1. Features preview panel showing protein translations immediately after adding coding region (CDS) annotations.

What you need to know: 

    • You can access the new wizard in the Submission Portal (log-in required). 
    • We strongly recommend annotating coding region (CDS) for all protein-coding mRNA sequence submissions. 
    • Use the interactive web form to add CDS and other feature annotations (e.g. untranslated regions or UTRs). The web form is best suited for submitting a few sequences, or many sequences if they share the same feature annotations (e.g., many histone sequences that have the CDS interval span the entire sequence length, as shown in Figure 1).  
    • This release does NOT support uploading a 5-column feature annotation table or protein sequences for complex feature annotation. We will add this functionality in the future. You may still make submissions through BankIt if you annotate with either of these methods. 
    • Read more about how to prepare your submission material, including nucleotide FASTA sequence file, source metadata (organism name, unique identifiers such as clone), and details about the features if you intend to annotate features (e.g., CDS nucleotide spans, protein name). 

We are working to migrate all types of GenBank submissions from BankIt to Submission Portal. Please stay tuned.

NCBI is continually improving submission tools and submission processing and welcomes your input! Contact us with feedback or if you have questions on which tool is appropriate for your submission. 


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