Now Available! More Mammalian Cross-Species Alignments in the Comparative Genome Viewer (CGV)

Now Available! More Mammalian Cross-Species Alignments in the Comparative Genome Viewer (CGV)

In response to your feedback, we’ve made more whole genome cross-species alignments available in NCBI’s Comparative Genome Viewer (CGV). You can use these alignments to explore genome rearrangements between species. You can also zoom in to analyze regions of conserved gene synteny.

There are over 20 new cross-species alignments available, including human-mouse, mouse-rat, human-chimp, human-cattle, dog-cat, and others! These cross-species alignments provide additional opportunities to explore evolutionary relationships at the genomic and gene levels. We will add more cross-species alignments in the coming months.

The latest cross-species alignments added to CGV include imports from the UCSC Genomics Institute, as well as those generated at NCBI.

Check out two examples of cross-species whole-genome alignments in CGV below (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Whole genome alignments between (A) mouse and human (GRCm39 vs. GRCh38.p14)  and (B) cat and dog (F.catus_Fca126_mat1.0 vs. ROS_Cfam_1.0). Colored bands connects aligned regions; green indicates same orientation, blue indicates opposite orientation.

When you zoom in on an alignment (Figure 2), you can compare gene annotation on the two assemblies and see the extent of conservation of synteny. You can also see which genes are missing from one or the other assembly, indicating changes in sequence or differences in annotation.

Figure 2. Zoomed in view of CGV showing a region of synteny between mouse chromosome 13 and human chromosome 5

If you’d like to request additional genome comparisons, or have other questions or feedback, please reach out to us using our feedback form.

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