NCBI Virus Extends Dashboard Visualizations to all Virus Sequences!

NCBI Virus Extends Dashboard Visualizations to all Virus Sequences!

Do you want to be able to quickly filter your virus search results based on important attributes? Good news, now you can! We are pleased to announce the extension of Dashboard Visualizations for any virus in the NCBI Virus collection (Figure 1). Dashboard Visualizations allow data to be quickly visualized in a graphical presentation based on a few highly sought-after attributes to prefilter your dataset. 

What are Dashboard Visualizations?

Dashboard Visualizations allow you to filter your search by geographic location, collection time, and release time. Each feature on the Dashboard is interactive, so when a filter is applied, it limits the data shown in the other features. When using these filters, the top summary section updates to provide you a snapshot of the number of records in NCBI RefSeq, Nucleotide, and Protein that fit the combined conditions of your search in the NCBI Virus database.   

The top header includes a link back to the results table where you can review your results, apply more filters, and download FASTA sequences, an accession list, or the results table. 

Figure 1: Dashboard Visualizations for Zika Virus.  

How to access Dashboard Visualizations for a given virus?

It’s easy! You can access the Dashboard Visualizations link in the top header of the page when viewing the results table for any virus (see screenshot in Figure 2).  

You can also access the Graphical Dashboard from the NCBI Virus home page by following the steps below: 

  1. Select ‘Search by Virus’ 
  2. Type virus name, then select an option from the autocomplete list 
  3. View the results table for your virus of interest and find a link to Dashboard Visualizations in the header above the table.  

Figure 2: NCBI Virus results table page for Zika virus with the link to the Dashboard Visualizations marked by a red rectangular. The Feedback button on the bottom right is marked with a red arrow. 

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