Upcoming Changes to Virus Data Resources at NCBI

Upcoming Changes to Virus Data Resources at NCBI

Effective May 2024, NCBI Virus will replace legacy virus web resources 

Coming soon! As part of our ongoing effort to enhance your experience and modernize our services, several of our legacy virus-related web resources will be replaced by NCBI Virus – our community portal for viral sequence data. NCBI Virus is more comprehensive, modernized, and has more powerful features and analysis tools than our legacy resources.  

What will change?

Below is a list of the legacy virus resources that will be replaced by NCBI Virus. The list includes a description of features that will continue to be supported through NCBI Virus: 

  • Virus Variation Resource: 
    • NCBI Virus supports retrieval of RefSeq, nucleotide, and protein sequences for rotavirus, dengue viruses, west Nile virus, ebolavirus, Zika virus, and MERS coronavirus. Filters to select relevant datasets, analysis tools such as the Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer (MSAV) and downloading data in several formats continues to be available through NCBI Virus. Get further details on how to use these features in NCBI Virus. 
    • For Rotavirus, we plan to restore standardized segment names and grouped genomes in NCBI Virus in the future.  
    • NOTE: The redirects that are planned for completion by May 2024 will NOT impact the Influenza Virus Resource in any way. The Influenza Virus Resource will continue to be available, serving up data to support our Flu-research community.
  • Viral Genomes Browser
    • NCBI Virus supports taxonomy-based filtering for RefSeq, nucleotide, and protein sequences, as well as quality metrics to help you find complete genomes. Filters for specific hosts or host taxonomy, molecular genome composition, and several other characteristics are also available.  
    • NCBI Virus also supports curated segment names for RefSeq. We plan to provide standardized segment names and grouped genomes for GenBank sequences in NCBI Virus in the future.   
  • Retroviruses
    • The HIV-1 Human Interaction Database will no longer be supported.  
    • Retrovirus RefSeq and GenBank data is currently available through NCBI Virus.  
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We appreciate your support of our virus resources. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please write to our help desk.  

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