NLM In Focus blog profiles Dr. Kim Pruitt, NCBI Staff Scientist

The inaugural article in NLM In Focus’s new series on NLM scientists features Kim Pruitt, PhD. Dr. Pruitt is a staff scientist at NCBI; she heads the Reference Sequence Database, better known as RefSeq.

In the article, Dr. Pruitt shares her career trajectory as well as pearls of wisdom for young scientists.

Click through to read NLM's profile on Kim Pruitt, PhD.

Click on the picture to read NLM’s profile on Kim Pruitt, PhD.

NCBI’s Bryant and Bolton receive 2016 Herman Skolnik Award for PubChem database

On August 23, Drs. Stephen Bryant and Evan Bolton received the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2016 Herman Skolnik Award for their work in developing, maintaining, and expanding the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s PubChem database of chemical substances and their biological activities. The award was presented at the ACS 252nd National Meeting & Exposition in Philadelphia.

Figure 1. Drs. Bryant and Bolton receive the American Chemical Society 2016 Herman Skolnik Award.

Figure 1. Drs. Bryant and Bolton receive the American Chemical Society 2016 Herman Skolnik Award.

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Welcome to NCBI Insights!

Many of you know us well as “The NCBI,” the largest public repository of bioinformatics data in the world and one of the busiest United States Government websites. Some of you have heard of us because of our popular resources, such as PubMed, GenBank and BLAST. We are all that and more.

We began the NCBI Insights Blog to help you better understand us and our resources, explore issues of scientific interest that drive our resource development, and demonstrate how you can use our resources to help enhance your research.

The NCBI Insights Blog will have four categories of posts:

  • NCBI Explained – provides perspective on our resources and procedures to help you better understand us and avoid some common misconceptions and misunderstandings.
  • What’s New –  introduces our new and updated resources and includes specific examples that demonstrate how you can use these resources to enhance your research.
  • Quick Tips & Tricks – explains how to perform specific tasks based on your questions and suggestions.
  • Science Features – explores current topics in science and demonstrates how you can find relevant data or resources on our website for further exploration.

For more information see the About page which lists important information about our Comment, Privacy, Linking and Disclaimer Policies.

We encourage constructive discussions about the information presented in the NCBI Insights Blog posts. Please share your thoughts with us and other readers by replying to our posts.  Also, let us know if you have any suggestions for future blog posts.

Be sure to check back with us every week or so and let us know what you think!