Facebook will soon disable login integration with NIH services

Important update regarding your NCBI account

As early as June 9, logging into NCBI using Facebook will no longer work. You will need to login to your account using an alternative 3rd-party option.

  • If you currently have another 3rd-party account linked to your NCBI account, you are all set (although we recommend removing the link to Facebook within your account settings)
  • If you do not currently have another 3rd-party account linked to your NCBI account, you should do so now (directions provided below)


In the coming weeks, the Facebook button will be removed and no longer available as a 3rd-party login option.

If you currently log in using Facebook, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account settings page https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/account/settings/ by selecting your name in the header and then selecting “Account settings”
  2. In the “Linked Accounts” section, select “Change”

3. Search for a 3rd-party where you have an account, such as Login.gov or Google, and select the link of the 3rd-party you’d like to use moving forward

Visit the My NCBI Login Transition Tips if you need help choosing the best 3rd-party option for you.

4. Follow the prompts from the 3rd-party to log in and link the 3rd-party account to your NCBI account.

5. Once you’ve successfully linked a new 3rd-party login to your account, you will be taken back to your Account Settings page and see a confirmation message.

6. After you receive this confirmation message, we suggest removing the link to your Facebook account.

Questions or issues?

For any questions or issues you encounter when linking a new account or logging in after Facebook no longer works, write to the help desk.