Researchers: Now it’s easier to find the data you want in BioProject

We’ve improved BioProject to give you a better way to find all data from a specific project. We think you’ll love the new interface that lets you quickly choose the right BioProject with links to the data you want in other NCBI databases.

The updated BioProject browser makes it easier than ever to filter the data by a variety of attributes so you can quickly pick BioProjects that interest you.

fig 1

Figure 1. The BioProject home page showing links to the BioProject browser. To use the new browser, click the ‘Browse by Project Attributes link below the search bar on any BioProject page or the ‘By Project attributes’ link on the BioProject home page.

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My Bibliography and SciENcv: How to Delegate Authority to Others to Edit/Create Your Profile and Collections

As a My NCBI account holder, you can invite other individuals to act as your delegate and grant them the ability to view and edit your My Bibliography collection (including Other Citations), as well as the ability to view, edit, and create profiles in your SciENcv.

Inviting a Delegate

The first step is to send a delegate invitation from your NCBI Account Settings page. After you’ve logged in to your NCBI account, click on your username in the top right corner of the screen to access your Account Settings. Then, under the “Delegates” section, click “Add a delegate” and enter the email address for your intended recipient. You can have multiple delegates on your account, and you can control what each delegate has access to from the Delegates section of your Account Settings page.

Acting as a Delegate

If a colleague invites you to become a delegate on their NCBI account, you will receive an email invitation. After you’ve accepted the delegation invitation, you will see your colleague’s Bibliography appear in your Collections list on your My NCBI landing page:

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