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3+ Ways NCBI is Enhancing the SRA Database

3+ Ways NCBI is Enhancing the SRA Database

Do you submit or access Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data? In an ongoing effort to enhance your experience, NCBI is making several improvements to our widely used SRA database. SRA is the largest publicly available repository of high throughput sequencing data. The archive accepts data from all organisms as well as metagenomic and environmental surveys. SRA stores raw sequencing data and alignment information to enable reproducibility and facilitate new discoveries through data analysis. 

What improvements is NCBI making?

  • More transparent: We recently launched the GenBank and SRA Data processing page to help you better understand how sequence data are submitted, processed, and made publicly available. 
  • More efficient: Faster data transfers, downloads, and analyses! We will be incrementally streamlining how you access SRA data as SRA Lite becomes the standard SRA file format. This simplified format reduces the average file size for more efficient analysis and storage of large datasets. 
  • More reliable: A trusted source! SRA is a trustworthy database, and we are continuously improving our processes to ensure system reliability.   
  • And more!  

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