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  1. Hey! I just would really like to present a large thumbs up for that good information which you have right here on this article. I will be coming again to your blog site for more shortly.

  2. Any chance of setting up an RSS feed? With so many blogs of interest, such a feed makes it easy to know when something new is posted on any given blog.

      1. Thank you for setting up a RSS Feed. Most of the people at my bioassay software company are reading articles regularly on NCBI. Having a RSS feed simplified with NCBI material helped us all read the same relevant material.

  3. Sirs,
    I am interested in reading the following book:

    Medicine in the Gulf War
    Best, Frank
    Tomich, Nancy
    Medicine in the Gulf War / [edited] by Frank Best and Nancy Tomich ; with contributions from the staff of U.S. medicine.
    Related Title:
    U.S. medicine.
    Country of Publication:
    United States
    Washington, D.C. : U.S. Medicine, Inc., c1995.
    vi, 177 p. : ill., ports.
    Middle East
    Military Medicine/history*
    Reformatted ed. of the August 1991 special issue of U.S. medicine.
    Includes index.
    NLM ID:
    9707749 [Book]

    Can I borrow it from the NIH Library, where I think it is found?
    I appreciate your help with this request,
    Eduardo Rueda Vasquez, MD
    PO Box 345
    Athens, PA 18810

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  5. Dear sir,
    I had published an yeast isolate under the name of Candida albicans (Acc no. MG996750). While submission during blast search i found it as the above mentioned organism. But now when i blast the sequence i found the result as Pichia kudriavzevii. So, i request you to rename the organism Candida albicans AV1 to Pichia kudriavzevii AV3.

  6. Dear sir,
    I had published an yeast isolate under the name of Candida albicans (Acc no. MG996750). While submission during blast search i found it as the above mentioned organism. But now when i blast the sequence i found the result as Pichia kudriavzevii. So, i request you to rename the organism Candida albicans AV1 to Pichia kudriavzevii AV3.

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