Improved search for prokaryotic assemblies and genes

We now have many improvements to our search functionality on NCBI’s global search page that will benefit users trying to find prokaryotic assemblies and genes. These improvements aim to highlight the best results and provide links to related NCBI content, so you don’t have to sift through pages of results and navigate between different NCBI resources.

new search genome assembly

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced ability to search for high value genome assemblies. The featured result is the highest value ‘reference’ or ‘representative’ assembly.
  • Refined handling of searches for genes in a particular organism, regardless of whether the gene is annotated at species or subspecies level. The featured result highlights the gene annotated on the organism’s reference assembly if available.
  • Improved ability to find curated gene sets included in the RefSeq Targeted Loci Project. This project includes genes that are useful for phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis: ribosomal RNA genes in bacteria, archaea, and fungi, and internal transcribed spacer regions in fungi and oomycetes.

Use these example queries to see improved search results:

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