table2asn: An Updated, More Powerful Command-Line Program

table2asn: An Updated, More Powerful Command-Line Program

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance your experience, NCBI is excited to promote table2asn, an updated, more powerful command-line program that creates sequence records for submission to GenBank. table2asn is the replacement for the older now-obsolete tool tbl2asn, with very similar operation and additional features. The program is used most frequently to create annotated eukaryotic or prokaryotic genome files for submission and was released several years ago as table2asn_gff. 

Important Note: The older tbl2asn is no longer available for download from the FTP site, so please download table2asn to get the newest version of this powerful tool. Effective June 1, 2024, we will no longer accept tbl2asn-created genome submissions. 

What’s new?

table2asn has added functionality compared to tbl2asn! 

Learn More

For more information about table2asn and the command-line argument changes, check out our table2asn page.   


We are continually improving our submission tools and submission process, and we welcome your input! Feel free to contact our help desk if you have questions or would like to provide feedback. 

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