New & Improved NCBI Datasets Genome and Assembly Pages 

New & Improved NCBI Datasets Genome and Assembly Pages 

Legacy pages now redirect 

Effective July 10, 2023, NCBI’s Assembly and Genome record pages now redirect to new NCBI Datasets pages. As previously announced, these updates are part of our ongoing effort to modernize and improve your user experience. NCBI Datasets is a new resource that makes it easier to find and download genome data.   

The following pages have been updated:
  • The NCBI Assembly record pages now redirect to the new NCBI DatasetsGenomerecord pages that describe assembled genomes and provide links to related NCBI tools such as Genome Data Viewer and BLAST.  
  • The NCBIGenome record pages now redirect to the NCBI DatasetsTaxonomyrecord pages that provide a taxonomy-focused portal to genes, genomes, and additional NCBI resources.   

During this transition, you will have the option to return to the legacy Genome and Assembly record pages. We will remove the legacy pages in early 2024.  


Want to see an example of the new NCBI Datasets record pages in action? Starting from the NCBI Assembly record page, enter “brown bear” in the search bar and select UrsArc2.0 from the search results. You will then be taken to the new NCBI Datasets Genome record page (see below). 

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We are very excited about these enhancements and welcome your feedback as we continue to improve and transition to our new record pages! Feel free to email us at with questions or feedback.  

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For more information about NCBI Datasets, check out our help documentation. 

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