Fast Sequence Inspection with ORFfinder + SmartBLAST

Fast Sequence Inspection with ORFfinder + SmartBLAST

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This blog post is intended for all BLAST users.

ORFfinder is a graphical analysis tool for finding open reading frames (ORFs). We’ve been working on a few updates, and we’d like to find out what you think about them. Read on to find out what you can do with the new ORFfinder.

Start with the new ORFfinder

fig 1
Figure 1. View and sort ORFs in the Open Reading Frame Viewer.

Just enter your sequence (FASTA or accession number), set your search options, and click submit – ORFfinder returns the range of each ORF along with its protein translation. Try it now!

Configure your view

We built ORFfinder using the latest NCBI Sequence Viewer, so you can explore your sequence at any level of detail you need.

fig 2
Figure 2. Configure and zoom in on tracks with ORFfinder.

Just zoom in to a region of interest, and add or remove tracks as needed. Explore the tools and tracks menus to find the options you need.

Search BLAST with one click

Select one or a group of ORFs and BLAST several databases at once, and use the newly developed SmartBLAST to verify protein names. Looking for the traditional results from BLAST? They’re there too.

Share your insights

We’ve made it easier to share what you discover in ORFfinder. You can download your annotations in the format of your choice, and create high-quality, easy to share PDF images from your sequence.

The new ORFfinder is a PubMed Labs experiment. As always, share your feedback in the comments below.

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