Find, Browse and Follow Biomedical Literature with PubMed Journals

Following the latest biomedical literature can be a challenge, but NCBI’s new PubMed Journals will help you keep up-to-date.

PubMed Journals lets you:

  • Easily find and follow journals of interest
  • Browse new articles in your favorite journals
  • Keep up-to-date with a Journal News Feed containing new arrivals, news links, trending articles, and important article updates (retractions and more!)

The PubMed Journals home page.

Get started now:

  • Visit the PubMed Journals home page to see a list of popular journals
  • Click a journal title to browse the most recent content and news feed
  • Click the “Follow” button to add to your personal journal list

To follow a journal, you’ll need to be logged in to your NCBI account. If you’re not already logged in to NCBI, you can try out our completely revamped login experience. The new NCBI login, like the old, works with any existing NCBI account or your eRA Commons, NIH, or federated university account.

PubMed Journals is an experiment of PubMed Labs, NCBI’s product incubator for delivering new features and capabilities to NCBI end users.

Have feedback for us? Please use the comments box below to ask questions, provide suggestions, or to provide any other feedback about the Journal Browser, the new login, or PubMed Labs.

33 thoughts on “Find, Browse and Follow Biomedical Literature with PubMed Journals

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  2. Hi, thanks for the new option. After I log into my NCBI account I can’t see the Popular Journals Feed anymore. Hope it’s possible?

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  4. Hi, great resource! I was wondering if a future feature to consider would be the ability to group or tag followed journals, or have multiple pages of followed journals? For example, I’m an orthoptist, so I want to keep up with journals like Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science, but my new research area is completely different, so I also want to be able follow journals like European Journal of Cancer Care, or Diabetes journal. It’d be really nice to have a page for all my eye journals and then a separate page for all my cancer stuff or my diabetes stuff. It’d actually, I think, be the most useful to be able to tag your journals, and then view by tag.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We’re thinking about how to combine something like the MyNCBI “collections”, tags, and other ways to group saved links and content. If we had a consistent way of doing that it would seem useful to get alerts for any new resources – from Journal articles to Proteins. What do you think?

  5. Will there be full text links based on our MyNCBI “outside tool” preference (in addition to the journal site link) so we can get to full text from off campus?

  6. So, just to make sure I understand, the only way to see the list of the journals you follow is to go back to the PubMedJournals page? The list of followed journals does not appear anywhere else, like in MyNCBI? Just checking to make sure I didn’t miss something.

    • As mentioned in a prior reply, we’re thinking about how to combine something like the MyNCBI “collections”, tags, and other ways to group saved links and content. What do you think would be the most useful way to do that?

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  9. This is an interesting and possibly useful tool–interested to see how the content will be pushed out. I would prefer email.

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