Improvements to NCBI Assembly

NCBI’s genome Assembly has a number of significant improvements!

Assembly records now have a link to Primer-BLAST making it easy to design primers in the context of a specific eukaryote genome assembly.  Figure 1 shows the Assembly page for the Genome Reference Consortium Mouse Build 39 (GRCm39) with the link to Primer-BLAST.

Figure 1. The Assembly page for the mouse reference genome (GCF_000001635.27). Showing the new Run Primer-BLAST link, which loads the assembly as a database in the Primer-BLAST search (bottom) and the new expandable note sections, Genome-Annotation-Data in this case. 

Assembly can also display a taxonomy check status for prokaryotic genome assemblies evaluated using NCBI’s Average Nucleotide Identity (ANI) method (examples: GCA_003208035.1 and GCA_003006055.1).

Additionally, Assembly has expandable sections to display structured comments, including Genome Annotation Data (examples: GCF_003568825.1 and GCF_000001635.27, Figure 1), Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence (MIGS) data and taxonomic update (example: GCF_000746375.1).

Other Assembly improvements include:

  • Adding assembly accessions to the Browse by Organism result table.
  • Renaming the “derived from surveillance project” filter to “from large multi-isolate project” to better reflect the actual criteria used to set the property (and to stop the default filter).
  • Adding “genus undefined” and “missing strain identifier” filters to the “Exclude” filter group.

See the Assembly Help page for more information.

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