PubMed API launch is pushed back

PubMed API launch is pushed back

As we previously announced, we will be moving to an updated version of the E-utilities API for PubMed. In preparation for this launch, a test server is currently available to allow you to test your API calls on the new service and report issues. Thank you for trying out the test server and continuing to submit your feedback!

To address your comments, finalize updates, and to give you more time to prepare for the API update, we are pushing back the release of the new API until later this year.

In the meantime, the test server will remain available and we welcome your continued feedback.

Please refer to our earlier post for more information about the test server and watch our recorded webinar for more details about using the updated API. You can also follow the NCBI Insights Blog and subscribe to the E-Utilities Announcement Mailing List for updates. 

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