PubMed Journals has been shut down

Almost two years ago, we launched PubMed Journals, an NCBI Labs project. PubMed Journals helped people follow the latest biomedical literature by making it easier to find and follow journals, browse new articles, and included a Journal News Feed to track new arrivals news links, trending articles and important article updates.

PubMed Journals was a successful experiment. Since September 2016, nearly 20,000 people followed 10,453 distinct journals. Each customer followed 3 journals on average.

Though PubMed Journals will no longer exist as a separate entity, we hope to add its features into future NCBI products. We appreciate your feedback over the years that made PubMed Journals a productive test of new ideas.

NCBI Labs is NCBI’s product incubator for delivering new features and capabilities to NCBI end users.

43 thoughts on “PubMed Journals has been shut down

    1. Same lol I am supposed to research something but I guess I am kind of screwed now

  1. Does this mean that PubMed will no longer be publicly accessible? Surely not? What DOES it mean? Where is the headlined article? Will someone reply to this? I see similar questions, but no replies.

    1. This means that the PubMed Journals experimental site is no longer available. You can read this blog post if you’d like to know what features PubMed Journals had.

      PubMed, however, is still publicly accessible.

      1. Terrible news. I have referred so many of my students to this to help them as teachers. I guess another budget cut in the wrong place.

      2. Yes terribly unfair and in-adapted to the actual situation, it should have been more opened instead, incredible and so disappointed !

  2. OMG! WhAT!??? NOOOooo!! This is HORRIBLE NEWS! I feel like a part of me has been robbed, lost and taken from me with no regard! Say this isnt so!! WHY!?!?!

  3. PubMed offered the ability to maximize easy access to current research from the laboratories around the world from your home computer!! in any article, citations of information could be checked for interpretation versus accuracy. Any new ideas could be explored for possibility of validity. The site leveled the playing field for a scientist in city college without a lab versus labs in Harvard or Yale. Innovation without funding versus current accepted funded theories have research results at their finger tips, free of pre-conceived prejudice. The site provides the most fertile basis and potential for new discoveries without bias. Your PubMed is a HUGE success! Continue to provide a portal for unbiased access to immediate unfolding research to foster science based creativity.

    1. At NCBI, we’re constantly working to improve our resources and serve you as best as we can. Sometimes that requires retiring tools or other resources. PubMed Journals was an NCBI Labs experiment, which means that it was always subject to changes or retirement. We hope to include features from PubMed Journals into future NCBI products.

  4. If the “experiment” was a success, why shut it down? If you are working to “improve resources”, why are you shutting down such a valuable resource to millions of scientists and researchers? Online access to important journal articles is a backbone to science and progress. Instead of shutting down this important resource, fire the team who suggested such a rotten idea.

  5. Aughhh I am so Sorry to see you guys go!!! You have been such a Wonderful Site for Information when you need it in a hurry. It has been such a pleasure to have found you and I wish you all the Very Best of Luck in the Future!

  6. Should this resource become a publicly supported project akin to Wikipedia? Supported by a community?

  7. Pub-med journals has been my main source of listed medical journals .What exactly is the alternative if any.Please respond as clearly as you can.

      1. NCBI Staff. Can you provide a link to the article we’re all looking for please?

      2. NCBI‘S PubMed Journals was a superb & valued source of research literature. I am very sorry to see it go but will be looking forward to finding old and new features from PubMed in your future NCBI products.
        Thank you for running this experiment and for all of your help.

  8. Disappointed to see this project is gone. Was hoping to find credible information on scientific journals here that would have been really helpful to me, and it is frustrating that no alternative source for the same information is listed.

  9. Thanks for sharing this valuable and authentic information with us. Please share something more knowledgeable like that.

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