New PubMed Updates: User Guide, MyNCBI, and more

As you may have heard, we are working on a new version of PubMed, and we’ve recently released some new features that you can check out.

new user guide answers many common questions about how best to use the new site. We’ve also added links on the new PubMed homepage to many popular sites including the E-utilities, Advanced Search, and the MeSH database.

The action menu (Figure 1) now contains Collections and My Bibliography, allowing you to manage and share groups of citations. After running a search, you will also find a “Create alert” link under the search box that lets you set up automatic My NCBI email updates for your search.

Action menu on new PubMed
Figure 1. New PubMed search result page showing the new “Create alert” link and updated action menu.

Going forward, we will continue to develop new features leading up to the time when this new version of PubMed will replace the legacy PubMed. As this progresses, we would love to hear what you think about these new additions! Please use the “Feedback” button (available on every page of the new PubMed) to submit your comments, questions, or concerns.

17 thoughts on “New PubMed Updates: User Guide, MyNCBI, and more

  1. I see a method to download individual citation data, but no way to send multiple (full clipboard) to a citation manager such as EndNote. Is that forthcoming?

  2. I will miss the Send To options for File and Email, and especially for Citation Manager. Will these options be added? Also, I second the previous requests to be able to sort by Publication date.

    1. Save (to RIS for citation manager) is available on clipboard and on the regular results page under the “save” button.

      Sorting by Publication Date will be available soon.

    1. Still appears to be down on the AM of the 11th. Unfortunately none of my projects are on hold. Can someone post an anticipated date for relaunch?

      1. We hope you’re not still having trouble accessing PubMed or other NCBI pages. We learned that Comcast users were having issues when accessing our resources. The problem was resolved on Friday, so if you’re still having trouble, please email us at

  3. While using ENDNOTE I noticed that the Notes field populates differently in the new PubMed. I had been using that to pull the publication type but pub type does not show up in the notes field exported to ENDNOTE, just a couple of lines of data.

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