Genome data download made easy!

This blog post is directed toward Assembly users.

A new “Download assemblies” button is now available in the Assembly database. This makes it easy to download data for multiple genomes without having to write scripts.

For example, you can run a search in Assembly and use check boxes (see left side of screenshot below) to refine the set of genome assemblies of interest. Then, just open the “Download assemblies” menu, choose the source database (GenBank or RefSeq), choose the file type, and start the download. An archive file will be saved to your computer that can be expanded into a folder containing your selected genome data files.


Figure 1. The “Download Assemblies” button is at the top right of the Assembly page. When you click on it, you will see options for source database and file type, and a download button. There are several options for file type, including Genomic GFF.

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